Ann Arbor is a town full of surprises.

From Trekkies to techies, Ann Arbor is a city that knows how to reinvent itself. And of course, there's something for everyone - Division 1 Michigan Football, film festivals like Cinetopia, and one of our favorites, Zingerman's - it's all here. And Ann Arbor "Townies" just love showing off their city to visitors. Anything you need to know, go ahead and ask.  But make sure you've got plenty of time, because the folks in this laid back town just love to talk. Ann Arborites are friendly, alright. Their narrow, one-way streets, on the other hand, are another story. And weekend parking can be next to impossible.

That's where Golden Limousine steps in. Our drivers know Ann Arbor and they can get you anywhere you need to be on time and safe. Whether it is a packed football game, a concert at the Power Center, or right next to your favorite artist at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. No hassle, no worries. Visit Ann Arbor the right way. Let Golden Limousine do the driving!

Golden Limousine Tours

Golden Limousine offers unique and exciting tours throughout Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit. Henry Ford's Greenfield Village, private winery tour with stops at Cherry Creek Schoolhouse Winery,  Pentamere Winery, and Spotted Dog, with a wine paired lunch, a tour of the University of Michigan athletic facilities, Greektown casino night, microbreweries, paintball - if it's happening in Washtenaw County or Metro Detroit - Golden's got a tour coming up!

About Golden Limousine

Golden Limousine has served corporate and individual clients in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit area for over 25 years. Our clients have consistently given us the highest ratings for our professionalism, dependability, attention to detail and overall customer service. Your safety and comfort are our top priority. Our friendly and professional chauffeur staff set us apart from other services. We are available 24/7 for all of your transportation needs.

Golden Limousine Charters

When your crew can't squeeze into a shuttle van, it's time to call in a Golden Limousine Charter. Room for 56 passengers, window shades, TV screens, bathrooms, and WiFi, our luxurious charter buses have everything your team needs for a comfortable, hassle-free journey. And don't worry—our charters have plenty of storage for all your equipment and luggage. You're gonna love the ride!

MODE - Metro On Demand Express

Get to Hill Auditorium faster with MODE and stop worrying about the parking or the ride home!

MODE Car was created by Golden Limousine by combining over 40 years of transportation management experience. We discovered a need in our community for an on-demand service that offers the same level of quality, safety, and timeliness that Golden Limousine provides, that you could request with the tap of your finger.

Reserve the on-demand vehicle service with the MODE Car app, website or by phone. The app, available for iPhone and Android, allows you to conveniently track your vehicle using the in-app map so you can see exactly where your car is, and when it will arrive. Reserve your MODE Car 30 minutes in advance, and your car will be there on time, or your ride is completely on us!

Not to be missed when visiting Ann Arbor!

In Ann Arbor, gardens aren't just a decorative portion of the front lawn, they're veritable temples. And the University of Michigan's Matthei Botanical Gardens—well, that's a cathedral. No matter what your age or interest, at Matthei, there's a garden just for you.

Strolling around outside the conservatory, you'll find the Alexandra Hicks Herb Knot Garden, the Demonstration Prairie, the Gaffield's Children Garden—complete with intriguing activities for kids of all ages. If you want to warm up, take a walk through the conservatory, and see exhibits from every biome on Earth.

Need more room to wander? No worries just pick one of the nature trails and explore the 300 acres that surround the gardens.

So you want to know where the Ann Arbor townies shop? Look no further than Kerrytown Market. This charming, intimate corner of downtown Ann Arbor feels like a throwback to another age. The outdoor farmer's and artisan markets offer everything you'll never find at your local strip mall—fresh, local produce, Amish women selling jam, long-haired woodworkers building beautiful toys on the spot—and so much more.

Inside the market complex, delis, bakeries, meat markets, and coffee shops will tempt you. Make sure you have plenty of time to explore the boutique shops selling everything from spices and housewares to jewelry and clothing.

And when you finally surface, don't even think about missing Zingerman's Delicatessen across the street!

Ann Arbor earned its reputation as a green city full of tree huggers a full century ago. Take Dr. Eugene and Emily Leslie, for example. After their death in 1976, they donated their beautiful home, situated on a gorgeous swath of forest, field, and prairie to the citizens of Ann Arbor, especially the children. If you want a kid-friendly spot to explore and learn about nature, you need to visit the Leslie Science and Nature Center.

In addition to the hiking trails through the serene Black Pond Woods, be sure to visit their one-of-a-kind raptors enclosure, where conservationists nurse injured eagles, falcons, and owls back to health, and occasionally, back to the wild.

Ann Arbor, Michigan